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How Online Loans Work

Learn how $1000-$5000 dollar loans actually work.

So you've been searching for a 1000 dollar loan or something similar, and have found our website. But how do online loans differ from regular loans, and what type of loans are actually available online?

First thing's first. All loans (whether online or from the bank) follow the same basic rules. The borrower receives a principal amount to spend as they wish, and must pay this back with added interest on the agreed upon date(s).

The main difference between obtaining a loan from a lender in our network and from a bank or other large lender, is the simplicity and speed of the process. Via the old way you may have had to wait in line and meet a lender face to face or at least over the telephone. Then there would be reams of paperwork to complete and documents to send or fax. Only days later would you get a firm approval and then it could take a few more days for the cash to be issued. If you have bad credit you wouldn't even get past the first hurdle, and if you were rejected you'd have to move on to the next lender and go through the same hassle all over again. To find out more please read this article.

At we've moved lending in to the modern age.

Our simple online loan request form is connected to a network of over 100 lenders, each poised to make a quick offer to anyone who meets their criteria, all via your web browser. No meetings, no phone calls, and if you have access to online statements and documents, no faxing either!

What's more is even if you have bad credit, this does not automatically disqualify you from getting a loan. Other important factors include your income and employment status, and these may override any issues you've had in the past. No reputable online lender will ever promise no credit check, but people with bad credit receive loans on a regular basis providing they have proof they can meet the obligation.

What Loans Are Available?

Traditional lenders usually offer standard personal loans, which you repay over a set period of time. Online lenders calls these installment loans and the those in our network can provide up to $5,000 to those who can afford it. This is ideal for large purchases that you want to make right away without saving up.

They also offer short term payday loans, which you borrow for just two weeks and must repay in full in one lump sum. These are intended to tide you over until your next pay check arrives, and are ideal for people facing unexpected bills or temporary budgeting problems. A payday loan typically won't exceed $1,000.

No collateral is required on either type of loan, and all fees and interest is charged as per state law. All terms are provided prior to your final decision.

Simple 5 Step Process

So if you need to borrow between $100 and $5,000 and are a legal US citizen, of at least 18 years old, all you have to do is follow a simple 5 step process.

1) Submit the amount you wish to borrow and your personal details to our loan request form, and we will attempt to match you with a lender from our network.

2) Complete the application for the lender and upload any documentation required. If you already have access to these online, no faxing may be required.

3) Although you won't get instant approval, sit back and you will know if you have been approved or not very fast. If so you will be made an offer as close to the amount you requested as possible.

4) Read the terms and if happy, digitally sign the agreement. The lender will then aim to deposit the funds in to your designated bank account as soon as the next business day.

5) Ensure the funds are in your account on the agreed upon date(s) so repayment(s) can be automatically taken.

Of course not every online lender or platform is the same. Unlike some out there we never make promises we can't keep or use misleading marketing slogans like "guaranteed approval". But if you follow the above 5 steps you are in good standing.

Interest and Fees

The lenders in our network do not charge you hidden fees or interest. As per federal law all costs of borrowing are provided up front if the lender makes you an offer. Of course all borrowing is an important financial commitment and if you fail to make repayment(s) on the agreed date(s), you may then incur added interest and fees as outlined in the agreement.

The amount that can and will be charged varies depending on the lender's own policies and local state law.

If you meet your obligation, payday loans come with just one single finance charge. Installment loans have a more traditional APR that is applied to each installment.

If you believe you will be unable to make a repayment you should contact the lender right away to solve the situation. If you fail to start a dialogue they reserve the right to begin collection proceedings.

Whether you're looking for a 1000 loan, something more or less, we can help you meet your financial goals. Submit your information today or visit our FAQ page for further details.